Introduction of 500mm Strip Slitting Machine

To provide better services to metal processing industry and spring manufacturers, we have started to keep stock of various steel strips in Mainland China, so as to meet the keen demand for precision parts and stamping parts. From August 2006, we have further equipped 1 set of slitting machine at Shanghai and accept orders from customers for slitting services. We hope we could provide most speedy and economical solution for slitting requirements.

• Width of Input Coil - 500mm max
• Thickness of Input Coil - 0.1~1.2mm
• Slitting Quality - Width Tolerance +/-0.05mm - Edge Burr Max. 0.03mm
• Slitting Speed - Max. 60M/min.
• Slitting Power - 11kw
• Components of Machine - Slitter, uncoiler and recoiler
• Able to slit Strips of Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Brass, Aluminum etc.